Monday, March 12, 2012

Through a child's eyes

My son and I do many things together. He is 7 and I'm... well let's just say I'm older than that. When my daughters, now both teenagers, were his age, I made it a point to do many things with them too. I've noticed that the activities my son is into are very different than my daughters' activities at that age. Now that my daughters are about to embark on their own journeys, my main interaction is an occasional lunch or XBOX Kinect games. Oh and text messages. Let's not forget those!

Regardless of the age any of my children currently are, I remember appreciating the world around us through their eyes. My son is still young enough that he amazes me with his inquiries and his view. A great example is how he sees the relationship between me, Daddy and my wife, his Mommy.
This weekend he and I were in the car and he was requesting songs from the MP3 player. He loves "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5 and we listened to it a few times one after another. He asked me to turn it way down on our fourth or fifth iteration.
"Daddy," he said, "is that how you an Mommy met each other?"
"What do you mean, buddy?"
"The song we're listening to. The Maroon 5 one. What's it called?"
"She Will Be Loved?"
"Yeah. Is that how you and Mommy started loving each other?"
"What makes you think that?"
"Because it is how he loves her a whole lot no matter what. Right?"
"That's a pretty good job on understanding that. Do you think that's how we met?"
"Probably not."
"Where did I meet Mommy?"
"At Pete's Piano Bar in Texas."
"That's right. When I saw her I had to talk to her because - "
He interrupted me and I could hear him rolling his eyes, "Because she was so beautiful."
"That's right. You want to finish the song up loud?"

For me this was a great moment. My son who is intelligent, creative and charismatic, demonstrated that he could interpret art in his own way. I was also touched that such a beautiful song (let's not get into the true meaning or anything. For him it was about falling in love.) made him think of how his mother and I fell in love.

He also asks amazing questions. This morning. He asked if he had hands like God would he be able to stop the Earth from spinning. We then talked about how one side would burn and the other side would freeze. He made the leap on his own that if one side was hot and one side was cold then there would be a thin slice where everything would be perfect. He also decided that since he was like God in this scenario, that he would push all the land into the perfect area so everybody could live and be happy.

So why did I ask you to take time and read this post? I promise it was not to share stories about my kids... Well not specifically anyway.
I asked you to read this so you could take a moment and remind yourself to reflect on all the amazing things in the world. Think of the possibilities you have tucked away so you could concern yourself with important things or bigger things in life. For just a few seconds, ask yourself what you would do if your hands were as big as God's. What would you do if you could make any imagining come true?

Until next time.... READ!

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  1. You have a bright child. I love his thought that he would push all the land into the best possible spot so everyone could be happy. The world could do with more people like that.