Thursday, February 23, 2012

The story behind the story

Most people who read this blog know I am a writer (or at least I hope they do...). Much of this blog has been about those events in my life that have created my sense of wonder I use to explore our world. It is the small glimpses of what I still believe are fairies in the woods around my childhood home where my family still resides. The ghosts you can see gliding through the centuries old graveyards in the same area. The whistling beasts in the woods and the magic holes that erase memory for most but not for all.
These are all real in m,y memory of the past. Does this make them true? That is a good question. They feel true and they seem real but are they? Sadly, I am not certain. Does that make me crazy or just a bit quirky? I'll let you decide.

This post is about the story behind my book The Rise Of Majick. You see, the story of Tarver and his longing for home, Kara's need for security, Barron's quest for respect, Sylth's lust for power, the elves quest for dominance and Hunt's desire to please others is as real to me as the memories listed above. But it is different. It is like remembering forward. When I sink into the work and I watch what happens, I feel as if I am merely transcribing the events as they are relayed to me.
Most of the settings in the book are all places I have been. Some as a child and others as an adult. Each event that I write about, whether that is the capturing of the gryphons in Southern Illinois or the caves where Sylth consults the Vague Dragons, are scenes I have experienced at some time in my past. It was a snippet of a vision or a stream of images that I happened to see while I was visiting a place. During the scenes taking place in locales I have never visited, I have seen them in my dreams. Or I imagined the alternate story while seeing a location in a movie. Regardless, I have stitched together a tapestry of scenes I have remembered in my imagination. Since the story takes place in our future, it really is like I am remembering forward.

I will keep this post short. Now you get a chance to watch the trailer I created for the book. Keep in mind, the book is not yet available in physical form but it will be soon. Enjoy the video and share it with your friends. I hope the images and mood will transport you to the place I go when I write about this possible future world.

Until next time.... READ!

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