Monday, January 16, 2012

Aren't Ghosts Just Spirits?

Hope this MLK Day finds each of you providing service in your favorite manner. I am here to acknowledge my disservice. I have received a couple messages asking if I had abandoned the blog portion of The Fiction Hole. Please know, I have not. I am writing THE WAR OF MAJICK. It is Book Two in the Majick Series. So I have had less than ample time to write here and there.

So I have decided to pare back the type of posts I will do for the time being. I will keep with the theme of blending fiction with real life but the posts will be shorter and more easily digested. I hope each of you enjoy the change. I also ask that you share the blog and the book with others.

On with the real post:

I was riding in the car with my wife and one of my children this weekend. I was actually driving. And here is a bit of conversation we had.

"Dad, why is heaven called heaven?" My son asked in the way only truly inquisitive children can. I could tell he had been pondering this question for a while.
My wife said, "Well, that's what the Bible tells us to call it."
"Dad, is that the real truth?" My son often asks the other parent to confirm or deny the other's answer.
"Yep. The Bible tells us it is called Heaven."
I thought for a couple minutes and he became impatient. "Dad, I asked why the Bible says that."
"Calling it Heaven is just a name for a special place. It has been called Valhalla, the Afterlife and other names. Some people on Earth never call it Heaven."
I assume that answer sufficed because he shifted the subject. "So, Dad," He looked out of the window as we turned into our neighborhood. "So ghosts live in Heaven then. Right?"
My wife said, "Ghosts aren't real."
"But are spirits real, Mom?"
"Yes. Everybody has a spirit." She said.
"Then ghosts are just spirits that aren't hanging out in Heaven? Right, Mom."
"But spirits are different than ghosts." She said.
She looked to me and I picked-up the baton. "Buddy, ghosts and spirits are a lot a like but ghosts are usually part of scary stories. Spirits are part of that energy in each of us that lives forever. If you have a good energy then you don't want to scare people. So you might visit people you know but you would just be a spirit visiting and not a ghost scaring."
He didn't miss a beat, "What about people with bad energy. Do they become demons or ghosts?"
My wife said, "Well, demons are in the bad place and they can't leave. So if a bad person goes to the other place they become a demon and can never be a ghost because ghosts aren't real."
"So ghosts aren't real and demons are. That's weird." And with that we pulled into our driveway.

Do you have a young child or perhaps a close friend that enjoys these discussions? How do you hash out all the conflicting messages regarding magic, spirits, aliens, demons etc?

Until next time.... READ!

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