Monday, January 2, 2012

Aliens, Ghosts And Demons

When I was younger I had vivid dreams (perhaps memories... I have never ruled that our) of being taken from my bedroom in the middle of the night. When I was a child I saw these abductors as angels. My family was very religious until I was about twelve or thirteen. As a teenager, I saw them as aliens.

Regardless of my perception or characterization of these beings, in my dreams they were scary and they were taking me away. It was very predictable as to when I was going to experience one of these vivid instances. I was typically alone for some period of time before bed. I would go through the house and make sure all the windows were closed. I would close every door in the house. I would lock the front door. I would feel nervous and out of sorts. I would have boundless energy until I went to bed.
I would lay down and be asleep in moments. Sometime in the small hours of the night, I would wake up. But I would be unable to move. I could look around the room but my body was frozen. I could hardly breathe. I would see motion all about the room but I could not clearly see what was moving. It was just motion and shadows. Sometimes the lights would flicker off and on and other times it was as if all light had been sucked from the world except for that which emanated from the fleeting shadows themselves. On more than one occasion I would need to squint because light pouring in from my window or door leading to the hall was so bright it hurt my eyes.
No matter how much distress I was in, I could not speak or move. I would try to scream but the most I could produce would be a gurgling throat sound. I would try to move but my limbs would not respond.

I have learned this phenomenon is known as Sleep Paralysis. It is caused by your body producing a sedative that paralyzes our muscles to prevent us from wondering around in our sleep. It happens to people of all ages. I am just glad that it has happened very rarely to me for the past ten years or so.

At some point while paralyzed I would fall back to sleep, This is when things would become very confused. I am still not sure what happened when I fell asleep. I have half-remembered glimpses of dark rooms, forests and being cold. Beyond that, I just remember being scared. It was always the fear that I hated. Eventually I would gasp for breath and sit-up in bed. I would not be able to go back to sleep on most occasions. It was horrible and I still have the small fear at the back of my mind on many nights.... It is the fear that it will happen again and it won't stop.

What about you? Have you ever had Sleep Paralysis? Do you have odd memories or dreams where you have been spirited away? Are they aliens? Angels? Demons? Or is it just vivid dreams from a very active imagination?

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