Thursday, January 26, 2012

Abandoned Buildings

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by abandoned buildings. Whether they are barns, warehouses, old houses or like I experienced in the Balkans, entire blocks of bombed buildings.
The first time I remember being rattled by an abandoned building was before I became a teenager.
Jason and I were exploring the vast forest near where I lived as a child. If you have read previous posts, it is the same forest and the same property on which the Witch's House loomed.

We had been playing for a while and it was full on Summer in Southern Illinois. Think of stagnated air, mosquitoes and 110% humidity. Oh and let's not forget the temp being in the nineties.
We were walking through an area we had never before visited. There were huge mounds of vines and old buildings spread throughout this area.
I climbed one of these mounds. It was oblong and about twelve feet tall. I was jumping up and down. It was springy like a trampoline.

I called down to Jason, "This thing is great! Get up here!"
He said, "No way man! That is awesome! You are getting huge air off that thing!"
He scrambled up the mound and joined me. We were bouncing and leaping off of the mound an into other piles of vines. Not the smartest idea since some of them had thorns. But we kept going for several minutes.
And, just like in the Witch's House a few years before, the ground beneath me collapsed.
Jason told me afterwards that he was looking up and then I was just gone. Having been on more than one weird adventure with me, he said his first thought is that I was sucked into a different dimension.
I heard him call in a muffled voice, "Jay? Where'd you go?"
I looked up and saw the green canopy through a filter of dust and cloud of gnats. I answered, "I'm OK. I'm in a  shed or something."
I heard Jason climb up the mound. His head popped into the bright opening. "You OK, dude?"
"Yeah. Back away so I can see what's down here."
Jason did so. It was still fairly dim in most of the place. I called up to Jason, "It's dark in here but I think this is a playroom or something."
"Hang on a minute."
I hear a lot of scraping and pounding on the sides and top of the building. First one sliver of light broke through then another. Then a whole swath of dusty light filled the space from behind me.I turned to see a window free of vines. I pushed on the door next to the window, surprisingly it still had all of its glass, save one small square in the corner.
Jason pulled the vines from the door on the outside. Soon we had worked the door off of its hinges and light poured in.
What we saw was odd. There were half a dozen small desks and chair combos. The kind we saw on the television show, Little House on The Prairie. A chalkboard on one wall. A crib in a back corner and some old toys that were unidentifiable beyond their original function. Mold grew in a corner as well as mushrooms. An old desiccated opossum in a heap of leaves. Overall, it was a very creepy place.
Jason and I discussed why it was here. Why it was abandoned. Who made things like this. Why nobody every cleaned out all of the old stuff. We were most likely wrong on every account since we decided it had to do with the known covens of witches, Devil worshipers and most likely murder.

We revisited this place many times. One day a few years later we returned to find it had either been knocked down or blown over. Either way, the building and its secret history were lost to the graves of the wood and the memories of the dead.

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