Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Shadows That Creep

Many of you follow me on Facebook so the inspiration for this post will not surprise you at all. I shared the other night that I was working on Book Two of the Majick Series and had to stop because I became scared.
What scared me was an odd, dark mist that I saw several times in my peripheral vision... you know out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was possibly a contact with a smudge or a floater. I closed my eye and rubbed it about and the mist disappeared again. But soon, it was back. I turned my head and it was gone. This happened a couple times then I just felt scared.

I shared this story with an old friend and realized that this is not uncommon for me. He reminded me that I have complained about this for many years, ever since we were kids. I wondered why it effected me so deeply that night. My friend said that it always bothered me when we were kids and that he and others would make fun of me for it once in a while.
After our conversation, I really thought about it. I realized that it does bother me quite often but I  usually ignore it because people are around me most of the time. In this instance, it was late at night. I was alone and my wife was overseas for business. So I was free to just be scared.

I then paid close attention and realized I see this mist or something like it nearly every day and sometimes many times a day. It is a bit weird but, as with most odd things, I have relegated it to my contacts, a quirk of my vision field or just my imagination.

I asked a couple people and both of them said they see these things once in a while. Not nearly as often as I see them but often enough nonetheless. So I deduce it cannot be too uncommon.
That leads me to ask a question of you. Have you ever seen such a thing in the edges of your vision? Has it ever scared you? What do you think it is?
Could this be a brief glimpse into realms we are not meant to see? Is it ghosts, spirits, demons, angels? How about just our imagination? Could it be just shadows? Any number of logical explanations exists but what do you truly believe it is?

I must be honest. I am not sure what it is. I think it is an oddity that we cannot explain for certainty. And if you have read many of my posts, you will know that there is that part of me that feels (or wants it to be) something magical and mysterious.

Until next time.... READ!

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  1. Jay... I too see these all the time. Sometimes they are dark.. and sometimes a bright white mist...I have even seen them shapped as a small black dog like figur.. Ive done some reading on "Jinns" but would like to think this NOT what I'm seeing...

    Theres always a lot going on in my head... so who knows... I see them often enough to just be used to the sightings too... But I dont think thats normal...

    stacey chambers