Thursday, December 1, 2011

Magic, me and the weather

What is the general opinion on the whole magic thing anyway? Is it real? Fake? Prefer not to discuss it? I had an opportunity to use a little happenstance to give my coworkers the creeps yesterday.

We were working in the office an had opened the windows to let in some fresh air. The design is not ideal. The top quarter of the window hinges at the top and tilts outward. They are perfect for letting in minimal breeze and maximum noise. They seem to be popular here in Northern California.

anyway, it has been very foggy here in the Bay Area and I had heard that the winds were going to pickup in the afternoon. So I was ready for the fog and pollen to go away. As the day progressed the skies cleared and the breeze started blowing.

Mid-afternoon we were feeling stuffy even with the windows opened. One of my coworkers said something about how hot it was.
I said, "Don't worry, I'll cool it down for you in a minute."
"What, you're going to turn on the AC?" She asked.
"Nah<" I said, "I'll use my magic."
We all chuckled and within seconds, two of the ladies said it had suddenly gotten very cold.
One of them said, "That's like a damn ghost or something behind me."
Somebody else said, "That's Jay's magic working on you guys."
Another round of laughter.
I said," That's nothing. Watch me make the wind blow."
I went back to work at my desk,. In less than ten seconds, the wind started shaking the trees outside and it was really blowing hard.
"OK. That crap is just creeping the hell out of me," one coworker said.
"Yeah! That's hella creepy! How'd you do that."
I smiled. "Easy," I said, "I used magic."
Another round of laughing. Though this time a bit quieter and a nervous edge could be detected.
"Besides," I said, "I can make it stop too. Wanna see?"
"Yeah, sure. Go ahead there Houdini."
I said, "Houdini was an illusionist. I'm talking about magic like this." I waved my hand in the air and the wind stopped.
Everybody was silent. I started typing at my computer.
Somebody said, "What the hell was that? That just ain't right and you are completely freaking me out now."
I laughed and others laughed. The day continued.

Am I saying it was magic? Not at all. I think the magic happened in the timing. I could no more control the weather than I could make fire leap from my armpits. But it was fun to do it. It was weird and it did seem a little creepy, even to me and I was the oddball doing it.
The point here is that a small part of everybody in the room, most of us in our 30s and 40s, had a bit of doubt as to whether I had done something magical or not. It was unusual and we had no great explanation for it.
It was so memorable, that this morning, my office mates were asking me about it. How I did it. Had I done it before. How freaky the whole thing was. So where did it fall? Magic? Coincidence? Either way.... It was not normal and it was not the first instance of my timing and weather syncing up like that.

Until next time.... READ!

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