Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's going on?

OK... I owe an apology to any of you who read this on a regular basis. I have not posted for several days. HOWEVER, there is a very good reason.

I had to buckle down to put the final touches on my debut novel, The Rise of Majick. Over the past couple weeks I have reduced the length by several thousand words. I have worked on a couple of cover designs and I am formatting it to be on

How is this related to my normal blog stuff?
Because it is a story of how magic may be real and what would happen if technology failed us. Of course there's a whole lot more to it than that but that is in the book.
Here is a draft of what you will see on the back cover.
Our world has changed and Tarver, a remnant from the world we know, wants to restore technology and peace. In his quest, he makes deals with dragons, rides gryphons and battles goblins. He and his friends encounter train-riding dwarfs and creatures never before known. Beyond the monsters emerging from other realities, his biggest obstacle is the elves living in Central Park surrounded by a crumbling city. The elves have the knowledge and power to seize our world if they can complete one last task. The solutions to Tarver's problems and the keys to the elves ambition are the same. One is the liquid Magick, needed to perform even the simplest spells. The other is the first dragon egg of this new Age. Whoever controls the Magick and the dragon within the egg, will be unstoppable. The future of our once great world lies ahead and whether it will be populated by people or creatures of fantasy and nightmare, will be determined by a man and a few friends he gathers along the way.

If you want to see some first and second draft samples, go Here. Tee link takes you to the 'Notes' section of my Facebook page. There are several things on there but most is related to the Majick Series.

I will not bore you and I will not do a sales pitch on this posting. I will do a couple pitches later on after the book is available for shipment and download.

Please continue reading the blog and I will be back to my normal ponderings as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and all the feedback.

Until next time....READ!

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