Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update - Published

OK friends and supporters - The Rise of Majick is now available for the Kindle. The Nook version will be up before the weekend is over. The print version is in process but is not yet available. This blog will not become a marketing avenue. It will remain what it has been for many months.

Next week I will go back to my normal blog posts where I blend the unreality of my past with my current world of Probability Bubbles. Life is great and I appreciate all of the support from the readers and followers of The Fiction Hole.
Also, I have listed The Fiction Hole as the Publisher for The Rise of Majick. If you need help navigating how to get your book published, let me know and I will share what I have learned.

If you enjoy my blog, I am certain you would enjoy the book. 301 pages of entertainment for $3.50. It is currently available in most of the world through Amazon's International sites. Click the link to read a bit. If you like it, buy it. THE RISE OF MAJICK

Here is the cover:

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Until next time.... READ!

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