Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Hypnotism

I have not posted anything from my childhood for several days. My last two posts were not at all in line with my normal stuff so I can only ask for forgiveness. Let's see if I can redeem myself.

Most Thanksgivings in my life have been spent at home. Either my parent's home or my own home once I was an adult. One year around Thanksgiving, I was in neither. I was in the Army and working. We were on a Field Problem which is a way of saying we were sitting our under the stars and wishing we weren't playing war. It was practice for war and it was miserable.
The only reason were were out in the field is because we had a Commander with an unhappy home life and he wanted to avoid it. The rationale was that if we were in a real war we couldn't go home for the Holidays. So there we sat in the rain and cold in Texas. We could see the lights of the city and of post. This just made matters worse.

You see, it WAS a Holiday for everybody else so we couldn't fire the large guns on our M1A1 Tanks. The Range Personnel were all civilians and had a four-day weekend. So we were literally sitting around with nothing to do but be angry at our misfortune.

While in situations like this, we soldiers would find ways to pass the time. Many times it is making fun of one another, playing cards, looking at Playboys and Hustlers. Some of us had handheld games like Gameboys but not too many. It was mind numbing. I would typically grab a notebook and a pencil and write stories.

During this time, I had taken up a fascination with Wicca. I had no intention of practicing but I enjoyed watching others. One of the witches decided to teach me how to hypnotize people. The main purpose was to help people feel mentally acute and rested. However, I liked doing past life regression.

So here we were with nothing to do. The rain had stopped and the wind had died so it was only chilly not rainy and miserable. A few of us were lying on the back deck of my tank because the heat from the engine kept the area warm for hours.
One of the guys asked about the hypnotism he heard me talking about a few days before. We discussed it and he told me I was full of crap on the past life regressions. after over an hour of discussion he volunteered to go through the exercise. We had discussed that the person must be willing and not resistant to the process. He gave his rules and boundaries that I had to follow in order for him to be OK with it... Just in case it worked.

It took us an unusually long time to get him under. We had several false starts some giggling and arguing between the observers. But we eventually got there. and it was worth it.

BTW - I am intentionally not mentioning names.

So the guy is under. and we go a bit deeper then deeper. By this time there's probably a half dozen people watching. The guy is out. He has talked like a little kid and cried. Told me about embarrassing things. I had to stop him a couple times because of his rules. One rule was that if I would be embarrassed if it were me talking then I had to stop him.
So we are in the basement and I have him wander down the long corridor and open a random door. He hesitates and says he is afraid of the door. I ask why. He says this is where he was killed.
The whispering and joking stopped. Now it was a real show.
So I ask him if he will go inside the door. He doesn't want to but decides it would be OK after I tell him we will keep him safe.
He is inside himself. From what I gathered he was a middle-aged black woman. Keep in mind this is a white male barely out of his teens. He was upset and he was living in New York in 1928. Her husband was in jail and she was getting ready for bed. There was a knock at her door. She notices how late it is and doesn't want to answer it. There is a louder knock and somebody identifying themselves as the police.
She opens the door and it is a police officer. It is the same police officer that was here the other day . The same officer who had arrested her husband because the street vendor identified him as a sneak thief.
He says he needs to talk to her and tells her to let him in. She does.
He starts out nice then starts in with how he can keep her husband in jail for a long time. Let's her know that if she will let him have his way with her that he will release her husband and say it was a misunderstanding and he was not the guy. (The man under hypnosis is physically distressed and about to cry.)
She says she can't. She doesn't know and why is he doing this. That's when he smacks her. Drags her to her bedroom where she had given birth to her children. He rapes her. Then he kills her. Strangles the life from her with the sheet from her bed. She watches it all as she floats away.

I remove the memory from him. This was also an agreement. If there was anything too weird, bad or otherwise unsavory, then I was not to let him remember. I woke him up.

His first response is that the hypnotism didn't work. There were some chuckles from a couple guys that thought we were screwing with him. Through conversation we told him some of what he told us. By the time we were finished, he knew he had been hypnotized. He had me do it a few more times over the course of several months. He said it changed his life.

What about you? Ever been hypnotized? Do you believe in past life regression?

Until next time.... READ!

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