Thursday, November 3, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

While I was preparing this week's blog post, I learned I had been awarded the Liebster Blog Award. My first thought was, "What is this award?" OK, perhaps not in those exact words but close enough. I then researched it a bit to make sure I wasn't actually the recipient of some awesome Internet Lottery in which my blog was selected from the millions of blogs in a random drawing and I was to be awarded a bajillion dollars and my own theme park based on my blog. It was not an Internet lottery....

The Liebster Blog Award is focused on up and coming blogs, typically 200 followers or less. The individual who awards the Liebster Blog Award to a blog is making the statement that, of the blogs they read, this is one of their Top-5. The recipient's responsibility is to thank the person who gave them the award and to then award their own Top-5.

So I am grateful that Georgina Morales selected my blog. She is a talented writer and I enjoy our interactions. Let's not forget her blog, Diary of a Writer in Progress! I enjoy her insights, stories and reviews she shares on her site. Always entertaining and never a disappointment. Thank you, Georgina, for the Liebster Blog Award!

Now for my part....

I lurk in several blogs and follow a few publicly. But all of them are very good. I will sometimes read a blog a few times then never return to it. Thus, if I keep up with a blog it is because I really enjoy it and find value in what the blogger shares. The value may be knowledge imparted, entertainment or curiosity. It is hard to boil that down to a Top-5... But here goes....

Kate Madison - Kate Madison's Author Blog

Ms. Kraft - Different Corners In My Life

M.A. Kastle -

James Killick - James Killick's Blog

Ms. Allman - M. Allman

Thanks for the reward!


  1. Thanks, Jay. Great to have your support and appreciation. It means a lot that a writer such as yourself gets value from my musings on what we do. It's a lonely old business sometimes, so stuff like this makes all the difference. Thanks again and good luck- I am sure we will share words again soon.

  2. Thank you very kindly, Jay. I appreciate you stopping by it means a lot.

  3. Thanks so much, Jay. What a great way to spread blog love. I will do my part. Thanks for including me. Made my day.

  4. I have been so wrapped up in writing and not doing some of the things I need to do, But I wanted to send you a big Thank you! Hope you are having an awesome day!