Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yeah... An invisible thing blacked my eye

If you read the previous post about the Whistler, then you should know this happened in the same place as we heard the Whistler. I cannot account (nor will I) for the lack of common sense in our choice to hangout and party in the same place as we heard cackling and unexplained echos.

We hosted parties out at the woods from time to time. Since we were teenagers, most of these parties were just kids hanging out - no drugs and no alcohol. This particular night we had at least twenty friends there with us and we were all sober. Actually, scratch that. Most of us, including me, were sober but a couple people showed up and they were slightly intoxicated. Other than that, no reality warping substances were consumed.

The edge of this small forest had a cleared out area with a couple picnic tables and a mixed selection of chairs and such. There a large fire pit we always put to good use, especially in the Fall.
In my mind's eye I see a bright moon and a lot of friends laughing and passing around bags of chips and snacks. We were kids having a good time and burning large pieces of wood and scrap lumber. It was a perfect night. No issues or fighting and just good times all around.
As the night wore on, couples tiptoed away to make out in the shadows. Some people had to leave for fast-food jobs or parent imposed curfews. Some of us had decided to stay the night and I was one of them. Still, a fair amount of people remained sitting around the blazing fire.

As we talked about the topics important to teenagers in the Midwest, we heard a rustling or some such noise in the thin trees and high bramble just beyond the fire's reach. I don't recall exactly what the sound was, only that we all stopped talking and looked in the same direction.
I was the cocky one of the group so I decided to investigate. I think James decided to join me. I may be incorrect on some of the details but not by much. Anyway, I walked to the edge of the fire's sphere of safety and used a long stick to poke around in the dense brush. There was nothing. We walked around in the area and saw no animals or entwined lovers.
This repeated a couple of times. Then somebody, Eric perhaps, said, "Be careful. It could be the Whistler in there about to kill us all."
I said, "I hope it is. That way we can figure out what it is and I can kick its ass."
Next thing I remember, I was laying on my back and looking up at the silhouettes of half a dozen heads with mullets and other bad haircuts.
I blinked a couple times and put my hand to my jaw. My face hurt. They questions of how I felt, was I OK what the hell happened all came flooding over me.
I didn't know if I was OK.
I didn't know what happened.
My friends pulled me to my feet and somebody said my jaw was red. It certainly hurt. I think it was David who said it looked like I had been clocked in the jaw.
That's when the events were retold from nearly every person who witnessed it.
Apparently, I was being my cocky self and talking trash about the Whistler and how it was nothing and I could crush it. I was told I said more than I would kick its ass but that is all I recall to this day.
Suddenly there was some noise and confusion and I was flying backwards through the air (between three and ten feet off the ground, depending on who was telling the story). I hit the ground and tumbled through the dirt. They said I was limp and flopped around like I was a scarecrow.
What I do know is I had a sore jaw and felt like I had gotten my ass kicked.

We doused the fire shortly after that and went to the house. I think we only had one more bonfire in that place after that. I'm not sure if they have the fires any longer or not.

This was another night where the line between reality and fantasy blurred. Another instance of an unreal thing happening in our very real world. In other words, to me, it is more evidence that there may be more to magic than we are willing to acknowledge.

You ever have a supernatural experience?

Until next time.... READ!

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