Friday, October 28, 2011

The Flying Ouija Board

This time of year people tend to become more interested in spirits and ghoulishness. It is ingrained in many of us from childhood. Exploring haunted houses and graveyards always seems more daring during the Halloween Season than at any other time of year.
I think that is why, when I was a teenager, we decided to use the Ouija Board after having an unsuccessful night of pre-Halloween adventure. It was the first time I realized Ouija Boards were not toys even though it was found in the games section.

There were six or seven of us hanging out the night before Halloween. We had performed our obligatory duties of going to the Mt. Pleasant Church (some day I will explain why this place is a must see on Halloween) and exploring the massive graveyard there. We had wandered through the woods surrounding the Witches House and even had some vodka we found in the hayloft of the large barn out there. We had been down the country roads with the lights turned off on the car. Basically, we had exhausted our options on what passed for entertainment in the rural area where we live.

We were at Jason's house. His dad was a Security Guard or something like that and his mother worked in the morgue (seriously) and we had the house to ourselves. We lit a bunch of candles and sat in a circle with our knees touching. We then tried to communicate with the spirits that were about on that night. We had no luck other than Stephanie, Jason's sister, screaming very loud and scaring all of us. We had a good laugh and then broke into the liquor cabinet and had a few more drinks.

Stephanie came from upstairs and she had the Ouija Board with her. We all got into it immediately. This was what Halloween was all about. We were going to commune with demons and spirits.

We rearranged the candles to sit atop the coffee table and we place the Ouija Board in the middle. There were only four of us who dared to use the board. The others wanted to watch but had no desire to touch the thing or get involved. A few comments about the Devil and evil were cast about. We were in the bible Belt and each of us knew the evils of such things. But we were teenagers and didn't care. We knew more than our parents, Preachers, Ministers or anybody else.

Me, Jason, Stephanie and Randy positioned ourselves at North, South, East and West. Jason had his compass out to make sure we were in the right places. He said it was important to be aligned with the four points so that the Ley Lines would interact more efficiently. The others poured fresh drinks for themselves, kicked back on the couches and watched.

Jason seemed to be leading the expedition so he took over once we settled in. He asked, "Are there any spirits here?" The pointer slid toward the 'Yes'. It stopped and we admonished one another for pushing it around. Calls of fake and BS came from our peanut gallery too. We tried again.

Jason said, "Spirits, we are here to communicate with you. If you are here let us know." The pointer slid around and spelled out 'H-E-R-E' and slid toward the space between Randy and Stephanie.
Stephanie said, "Ha ha guys. Who pushed it?"
We all denied it.
Jason said, "Are you a woman or a man?"
Ouija Board - slid to 'No'
"Animal?" Jason asked.
Ouija Board 'C-H-I-L-D'
"Are you a boy?"
"What is your name?"

From the couch Heather said, "That's not fu**ing funny. You guys need to stop."
We all looked toward her and I asked, "What do you mean?"
She told us her parents had a little girl before Heather was born. The girl's name was Sandra and she died when she was almost six years old.
None of us knew this.

Jason asked, "Are yous till here, Sandra?"
Ouija Board 'Yes'
"Seriously Jason, stop this crap now." Heather said.
"What if it is your sister and she wants to tell you something?" Stephanie asked.
"I never knew her. She has nothing to tell me. Can we just stop screwing around?" Heather started crying and left the room.
We discussed it back and forth. Stephanie flipped the lights on and we blew out the candles. We left the board sitting on the coffee table. Stephanie and Jen went outside to get Heather. A few minutes later they came back in.
We had decided that none of us had move the pointer and that having Heather's little sister hanging around was too creepy, even for us. We watched TV and messed around the house for a while.
At some point, somebody, Stephanie or Jen I think, noticed it was chilly. Jason adjusted the temp. When he turned up the air, the lights flickered. No big deal and we laughed it off. A bit later, I noticed it was still cold in the living room but the back room and kitchen were both warm. I said something to Jason about the Ouija Board making the room cold. My comment was not well received.
Stephanie said, "Guys, I moved the pointer around. It was just coincidence that I spelled out Sandra. I had no idea. Can we just drop the whole Ouija Board thing? It was a bad joke."

Heather was ticked off. She walked by the coffee table and flicked her cigarette ash on the Ouija Board. She said, "Goddammed board still freaks me out."
The board flew off the table and hit the TV screen. It flew at least six feet through the air in a straight line. It knocked two of the candles to the floor. We all screamed. OK, I know I screamed and I hope everybody screamed with me.
Jason was the first to laugh. He was standing by the table and said he had kicked it to freak everybody out.

A few days later I was back at Jason and Stephanie's house. She admitted to me and Jason that she didn't move the pointer. Jason said he never kicked the table. We talked about it and thought it was better not to tell the others. Apparently, Heather's sister did have something she wanted to say and when we ignored her, she acted like a little kid and threw the thing across the room.

Our world is a strange place in deed.

Until next time.... READ!


  1. I've always been so curious with Ouija boards but was restricted from having them as a kid. Once a foster child moved in with us who had one but no one ever wanted to experiment with me so one night I tried it alone. Although it didn't do anything my older siblings certainly gave me heck and scolded t hat I could easily be possessed and had to always use it with someone.

    Maybe that's what happened and why I know have so many stories lurking!

  2. I hear you, Sarah! My parent were very strict about them. Hence why this was all at a friend's house! Given my mother's past, they shunned anything not of the King Jame's variety.... I tried the boards more than once. Sometimes they worked, sometimes not.

  3. I most definitively love to read your stories!

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  4. ouija freaks me out.

  5. Swellco.... Your site freaks me out. Mainly because I like it!