Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Magic Spell

While thinking about my current WIP, the second book in the Magick series (draft samples from Book One at link), I recalled the first magic spell I remember reading and casting. I decided to share it here.

I recall the book I found in the school library. The book was unremarkable in every way other than its size. It was thick and heavy and had a pumpkin orange, rough textured cover. I recall the spine was broken but still holding together. The title was in simple text across the front. I don't remember the exact title but it was something like "Your Becoming" or "Transfiguration". As I said, it was only unusual in its homely simplicity.

It outlined the history of werewolves. It had great pictures and was a mixture of folkloric stories, guide and encyclopedia. I went back to the school library many times to find it and never succeeded. I guess it was either very popular or the Faculty decided it did not belong in an Elementary School.

During the two or three weeks I had this book, there was one section that I read many times. It explained how one went about becoming a werewolf. There were the normal ways we are all familiar with. A gypsy could curse you. A werewolf could bite you. You could have been born into a cursed family. None of these were options. I was around ten years old and had never meant a Gypsy. My family was blessed by God himself (that's what I was told by my parents) so cursed family was out of the question. There was no way in this world I was going to risk being eaten by a werewolf on the off-chance he would let me live and be a werewolf.
Then there was a section of incantations and spells. Some were very complicated. Others were too dangerous and some made no sense. I did find one that was right in line with my way of doing things! It was only a few lines. I only had to have a few items and I could be a werewolf and learn to change at will.

I do not recall the whole thing but it was something like this.
Around your waist, tie the pelt of the animal you wish to become.
Wear it for one full cycle of the Moon starting with a Full Moon and ending with a Full Moon.
Drink only water from a running brook during the Moon Cycle
On the night the Moon is full at the end of the cycle, go to a deep forest. Build a fire using wood of the forest. 
Draw a large circle around the fire
Draw another small circle inside the large circle and on the West side.
Sit in the small circle and repeat the magic incantation.

Sorry if you were waiting for the incantation... I don't remember any of it. I do remember the setup because I tried it a few times. I never got caught either. Maybe somebody reading this can find the incantation and share it here.
So the questions lingers - Did it work?

No... I pretended it did for a few weeks but never physically changed. My imagination was untamed at that age and I really did feel like I had changed on the inside for a while. I even talked to two of my friends and told them I was a werewolf. One said I was full of crap and the other tried the spell himself. We pretended together for a while but eventually lost interest.
The loss of interest was mainly due to the ribbing our mutual friend gave us. After we were adults he told me he made fun of us because he was scared we were really changing. We had a good laugh about it.

Did you ever have a thing you wanted so badly that you violated the rules like this? If my parents would have known I was trying to cast magic spells after my mom was "delivered" from a Coven of Witches, I would have been beaten within an inch of my death.

But I wanted to be a werewolf so badly that I was willing to take the risk of the beating and of losing my soul to the Devil.... I probably would still be wondering the woods of Southern Illinois had that spell worked.

Until next time.... READ!


  1. Love it...I never did anything like that, but I can see my 9-year-old nephew doing that since he's obsessed with werewolves right now. If I'd known more of the lore of faeries as a child, I think I would have been constantly looking for faerie rings, trying to lure them out, etc...so probably a good thing I didn't learn those things till later in life!

  2. I have shared with all three of my children about Faerie Rings! My son and I saw one in the Muir Woods a few weeks ago and he was amazed that he actually saw one. He is nearly seven and still "believes". Teenage daughters... not so much any more. :|