Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lights that we see....

It seemed people liked the last post about the old man and his dog coming to visit us after they died. Keeping in the same "spirit" I have another story from my childhood to share... Please remember, these are from my early childhood and may be confused with other stories and I cannot verify nor deny the truth of them.

One night when we were coming home from some relatives home, I couldn't have been older than six or seven, I remember it was summertime because our old car had no heat or air conditioning and the windows were down. I can still smell the  rain and road from the heavy storms just hours before.

We weren't on the road for long and my oldest brother, Don, pointed out of the back window and asked, "Is that big star following us?"
Mom - maybe it was Dad... One of them to be certain said, "No it's just a helicopter."
Don waited for a bit then said, "Nope, that's no helicopter. It's not blinking or anything and it keeps fading from silver and whit to bright blue. It's weird!"

By this point we are all looking and the car is running off the country road and on to the shoulder ever so often. Dad actually started taking different turns and going out of his way. No matter the direction he sped away, the ball was right behind us. It really was following us. It pulsed and appeared to grow and shrink so it was hard to tell how big it was or how far away it hovered.

Mom said, "Probly just an angel protecting us." (For those that have read previously that she was a witch... This was shortly after she was "delivered" from those demonic influences.)

We four kids just hung our heads out of the window and watched. I think my sister and I both cried at one time or another. It was scary and didn't seem natural.

I fell asleep at some point and remember nothing other than what was discussed at breakfast the next morning. Apparently, the ball followed us all the way home. Once we were in the house it hovered above and slowly, over hours, descended to the tops of the pine forest just a few feet behind our house. My brothers said that the light slowly faded and was gone by morning. I believe they stayed up late into the night watching it from the roof of our house. We had an old aerial antenna (I think everybody did in those days) that we would climb up to hang out on the roof from time to time.

I have other stories from my childhood that are closely related to this one. Pass along the address to the blog to anybody who will find them interesting. I think I will continue sharing them for a few more posts.

Until next time.... READ!


  1. My sister had a similar experience one night, in Upstate New York. She wasn't a child; she was in her early twenties. She describes it exactly the same way. Weird indeed!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Smoky! I have heard others having things like this happen too. For me, it's hard to tell what actually happened and what has been embellished over time when the stories are decades old.