Friday, August 19, 2011

I try but....

Sometimes I feel like just hopping on here and rambling. I try not to do this but it is Friday, my Love has returned from Asia and after all... I AM living the dream! So today I will indulge myself. I hope you hang in there and enjoy it.

I recently came across the website for this young lady, Lissy Elle, who is showing some great talent. I suspect that she and I occupy the same universe at times. Her work reminds me of forgotten dreams and scary lives that I think I may have lived elsewhere. The picture to the right is an example of her work. I placed a link above so you can go explore what she does. 

Not one picture led me to remember the first story I was ever told of the afterlife. It is lore in our family since before I could speak or even crawl. It just so happened that I am part of the story. Let's see if I can relate it in an abbreviated manner that will keep your attention....

The first house I ever lived in was a dilapidated old Victorian in Southern Illinois. As I understand it, my parents bought it for next to nothing because the place was a dump with a leaking roof, warped floorboards and rotting foundation. My dad is a very talented man and planned to replace all this and repair everything on his own. I have not doubt he could have easily done this. 
There was another reason that is a bit more dubious. The elderly man that owned the place, died there a few years before. The place had sat empty since that time. Apparently nobody wanted to buy a house where an old man died and was then eaten by his starving German Shepard. The Police killed the dog as the man's small intestine dangled from the growling beast's jaws. The dog collapsed on top of the old man and the police quickly had the bodies removed and cremated.
My older siblings tell me there were all manner of items left in the attic of this place. They told me of creepy closets and hidden doors. I'm not sure if these are embellishments but as time has passed the place becomes creepier to me and I wish it still existed so I could visit it.

Due to many of the rooms needing extensive work, we were sequestered to just a few in the house. I was an infant and slept in a bassinet in my sister's room. I was only a couple months old when one night I would not sleep. This was, as I am told, very uncommon for me. I typically went to sleep with the sun and awoke the same way.
I cried and shifted around well into the night. As my sister recalls, it was probably after 10:00 PM before I finally stopped crying and she was able to sleep. Unfortunately, she did not sleep too long.
She woke up when I started screaming. Not crying. Not making loud sounds but full out screaming in terror while laying in my bassinet. She jumped out of her bed and came to the bassinet and scooped my up. She said my screams were so loud that it hurt her ears. She thought I must have been bitten by a rat or something. She pulled all the blankets from my little bed and then she noticed I was shivering and cold while still screaming. She went to the closet door to get some heavier blankets (it was a sliding door our dad had installed just a few days before after building out a closet) and opened it. Then she was afforded the opportunity to scream.
There, in her closet, stood an old man who had on a leash, a German Shepard. The dog had red stains around its mouth and bared its teeth as it growled. The old man was laughing and shaking the heavy leash. My sister fainted and fell to the ground.
My parents came running to the room and found my sister on the floor still holding me in her arms. In the closet were dark brown marks as if the newly refinished floor had been burned. The marks were in the shape of loafers and dog paws. My parents ran from the room and sold the house at a loss shortly after.

I think there is little doubt where I get my love for magic, horror and fantasy. After all, this is a story I have known since before I started Kindergarten.
What stories are shared by your family? did any have a big impact on your family or your life?

Until next time.... READ!

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  1. My best friend lived in an old house similar to that. It had a wrap around porch. When I'd spend the night we could look up from bed at the stars through the hole in the roof. Loved that house.