Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Closets and beds

I know it is a little early but I am already getting excited about Halloween!
Yesterday, my son and I went to his favorite Chinese Restaurant and noticed the sign in the window of a building next door. "Sept 1st Spirit Halloween Opening!" He was very excited. (I was too, only slightly less...)
Much like me, he was born with a love of mysterious things and scary things. When we go to Pier 39 there is the mandatory stop at the Harry Houdini Magic Shop. It is a smallish place but he wants to review every gag, magic trick, boxed-set, DVD and book in the place. After going through all of the magic we then have to discuss that he is not old enough to have one of the very realistic and gory masks that are kept on the top of the shelves well out of reach of the smaller patrons.

The now common ritual of his requests to see Scream, Poltergeist, Alien, "bloody movies" and haunted movies (at just shy of his 7th birthday we continue to say no) has started. Nearly every day it is a request he hopes to have granted but is certain it will not. To placate him I provide other entertainment.

I will tell him ghost stories (nothing too intense) and we will talk about different kinds of monsters. He has a fascination with zombies (thanks Plants vs. Zombies), slasher ghosts and skeletons. We have discussed at length that none of these are real. He gets it. He knows the difference between reality and fantasy (thanks Kindergarten...) But he loves to pretend they are all real.

I am glad he has not yet learned of the creepy things that live in closets and under beds. However, there is some discussion that closets are magical and can lead to all sorts of adventures. He believes that his pet dragon, Wally-Bob, lives in his closet. There is also a portal in the closet downstairs. It can take us to a place where soldiers, ninjas and wizards all fight each other.

Have you ever had a magic place? For me it was the Old Witch's House and all of the outbuildings on her many hundreds of acres. There was also Three Rivers Forest just down from her house. The old graveyard of Mt. Pleasant Church was a place of interest but the old abandoned church had a basement of unbelievable wonders. I think I escaped to more magical places than I had normal places when I was a child.

Magic, for me, has always been part of our world and always will be. I like it that way and it goes well with all the technology I love too.

Until next time.... READ!

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