Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To find love or scare snakes

I had planned to share some old beliefs in magic with you on here today.... But I forgot to take the left at Albuquerque. So I ended up looking at some of the oldest know written texts known to exist. One is to keep snakes away from Egyptian pyramids and the other is an incantation for love.

I found some things interesting. Both are around 5,000 years old. Both are magic spells and both are from the same general area of the world. 

We talk about how we do things now because we learned through time that they are the best way to do them. We build bridges and create products from tried and true methods. Many of the calculations we use today while engineering these structures, were first used by the Egyptians. Most people agree that the Egyptians and other ancient cultures were very advanced and intelligent. They also had cultures rich with magic.

With this in mind, consider that these spells were used by these ancient cultures. They were important enough to invest the time and resources to etch the spells into stone and to keep them in places of great importance. Doesn't reason lead us to the conclusion that these spells must have worked at some point? With all of their knowledge, they relied on magic to a very high degree. Why did they stop? Perhaps the spells stopped working or perhaps somebody created a simple snake trap using technology so the spell was no longer seen as efficient.

In my book The Rise of Magick (samples at link) I have written about our world in reverse. People have decided technology is evil and not worth the trouble and magic has now come back to the world to fulfill the needs technology once handled. I had fun with it and plan to make a second book.

But this blog isn't really about my unpublished book... It's about trying to work through the belief in magic and the things we see that might be magical. 

After reading the links and books and writings about ancient magic, I started wondering.... 
If some guy said, "Watch I will turn this stick into a snake. SHAZAOWLAFRAM!" and the stick stayed a stick then magic would have been ignored from the outset. People would never have believed in the stuff and we wouldn't have all the stories from our history that tells us about magic. 
Why did we stop using magic? Advanced cultures throughout the world relied on it for thousands and years. It must have worked at least part of the time. Right?

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