Friday, July 1, 2011

There's a life in the White

Many years ago (about half my lifetime ago) a friend and I created a fun story that evolved to a comic book, then a graphic novel and eventually a novel. One day I did the math and realized to have the whole story printed we were looking at a series. 

I often return to the snippets of that story. I have attempted to write it several times and I feel my abilities are still not up to the task. I tinker with it once in a while and I dream about it often. It is a world of vast potential and a very complex telling between right and wrong. There are elements of magic, religion and sacrifice. Love is also a big part of the overall theme. I hope to one day have the confidence and the wherewithal to conquer the thing.

There is a specific scene near the beginning of the story that has a young man entering a place known as the White. It is a type of Purgatory. In this place he meets another young man that seems to know him and every detail of his life. They have a conversation and the first young man is warned not to continue forward if he was not prepared to go through until the end.
He does continue through the White and he finds himself accidentally breaking the walls of Hell and allowing evil to escape into our world.

I reflect on this story when I am warning my kids about the future (sometimes near, sometimes far) consequences of their decisions and actions. It is hard to let them make mistakes but I feel it is necessary in order for them to learn. I struggle with the instinct to protect them from what will most likely end badly. 
It is times like this that I must lean heavily on my belief that magic exists and we can will reality to bend according to our desires. Some people call it positive thinking. Others call it karma. Regardless of the moniker you assign it... The stuff is magic.

I don't mean David Copperfield or Criss Angel  illusions. I mean magic as in reality altering due to your actions. Like Moses parting the Red Sea or Gandalf creating fireballs. Real true to the Earth magic.  We think positive thoughts. We ask for prayers. Cross our fingers and we make wishes. These are the small things we do in an effort to make magic and sometimes it works. But we pass it off as something else.

I think that is one of the reasons I am attracted to reading and writing fantasy. It is a way to step into the place where magic is in your face and we don't dress it up as something other than what it is. What about you? why do you read what you read? Why do you enjoy one genre over another? Do you believe in magic by a different name?

Until next time.... READ! 

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