Thursday, July 28, 2011

Probability Bubbles

I was having a great conversation with my nephew a couple days ago and I realized I do believe in magic but by another name. I call it "Probability Bubbles". I wish I could say I originated the idea.... I did not. It was originated by physicists that are far more intelligent than I am in the world of mathematics. I did (I think) coin the phrase "Probability Bubbles". I also put the theory into terms that nearly everybody can understand.

Let me lay out the basis here - Magic can be viewed as the ability to twist or bend reality in a way not fully understood. Say, levitating heavy objects or shooting fireballs from you fingers or, in the case of Probability Bubbles, making your desires reality.
Now that we are on the same page I will explain Probability Bubbles.

Quantum Mechanics shows that every time you roll a six-sided die it actually lands on all six sides every time. This led some Physicists to theorize that we must be slipping in and out of an infinite number of realities or universes with every choice we make. Some believe we may even create complete copies of our universe with every decision. 
The way I understand it is to think of every atom in our universe and square that number and square the result again. For all practical reasoning it takes us to infinity and that is the number of universes we can operate in at any given second. 

Think of your environment (everything you interact with daily) as a bubble. Science has proven that negative thoughts and emotions have a different energy pattern than do positive thoughts and emotions. I reason that if we are operating on a molecular level then these small changes can effect your "bubble".
You determine which of these universes you reside in by the actions you take and the words you speak. Your negative words and actions collapse the negative Probability Bubbles into your reality. Think of the collapsing of a bubble as a container into which you place yourself. Conversely, you positive actions collapse positive Probability Bubbles and encase you in a positive reality.

There have been numerous experiments that prove this theory. The video is from the excellent movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know? Down The Rabbit Hole" and it shows the actual results of water and how it is effected by positive and negative energy.

Hopefully you have watched the video... If not go back and take a few minutes to do so. This will allow us to stay on topic.
If we can affect water with our thoughts an intentions then we can affect ourselves. If we surround ourselves with positive thoughts and positive intent then we will act in positive ways. If we act in positive ways then we are reciprocated with positive results.

How often do you say, "I have the worst luck" or "Why do horrible things always happen to me?"? Try to change your mindset. If you get stuck in traffic and you are late for work don't think "Why did this happen to me? If I had left ten minutes earlier like I planned I could have avoided this whole mess!" 
Try instead - "I'm so glad I left when I did or I could have been involved in that wreck! Man, what luck to have spilled coffee on myself and then had to change clothes and leave late!" The coffee spill or the child needing a little extra attention in the morning may be there to delay you for a very good reason. Take heed of the old adage and really take time to smell the roses.

It comes down to perception. The next time you think something bad has happened, take a breath. Look around. You are alive! You have a roof over your head, there's food in your fridge and if you are lucky... There's at least one person in this world who loves you.

The Probability Bubbles you produce are up to you. Make the choice to step into the positive bubbles and leave your old negativity behind you. When you go to the mailbox instead of thinking "I hope there's no bills in there..." Think, "I hope there's coupons in there because that's like finding free money!" Or better yet, "Money is always showing up in my mailbox. I wonder how much will be in there today!"

The universe nor your brain understand the words, "No" or "Not". Do NOT think of an elephant. See? You had to think of an elephant to process the thought.
Now go out into the world and remove the "not", "no" and "bad" from your thoughts and vocabulary. Flip them on their head and see how long it takes for you to step into the positively energized Probability Bubbles!

If this isn't magic... Then I guess I'm wrong. But it sounds pretty close to me. Probability Bubbles allow me to answer honestly when people ask me how I'm doing. My response nearly every time is... "Living the dream!" And truth is... I really am living the dream and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Until next time.... READ!


  1. There's no connection between "probability bubbles" and science.

    The term "probability bubbles" can be linked to the philosopher Robert Kane but no scientist has ever done any research on "probability bubbles".

    In the case of Robert Kane, it was an attempt on his behalf to explain away, (or create an alternative to), current scientific knowledge.

  2. John, you are correct that Kane discussed probability bubbles. However, his use of the term was in determining the probability of a person would use free will or be bound by their "duty" to make a choice.
    My use of probability bubbles describes stepping into different universes/planes of existence. The two are not closely related.

    You are incorrect in your statement that there is no connections between probability bubbles as I have explained above and science.
    You can go to multiple papers and periodicals from the 120 or more years and find discussions on the multiverse and how quantum mathematics clearly indicate that we live in a multidimensional universe of which we have limited understanding.

    The phrase "probability bubbles" is my terminology for explaining the Level III Multiverse or the Many-worlds interpretation. The different universes cannot interact directly but I believe that you can influence the version of the universe in which you reside through intentionally deciding your existence... You can call it what you like but it is related to many areas such as Karma, Wiccan belief system, you get back what you put in, equal and opposite reaction etc.
    I am not claiming it is solid, hard and true tested scientific fact. I am saying it is a possibility and in my view, I have seen it in action. I have shared it with others and they have seen how it has worked in their own lives.