Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are you magical?

I have been writing a lot about magic in the real world and my views on it and my questions about it. I decided to take the opportunity to answer a recent question.

I am not nor have I ever been a practitioner of magic in any form. I have read many books about magic. I have watched and participated in seances. I have witnessed Druidic events. I have enjoyed watching a Coven of Wiccans perform many rituals. I find magic to be fascinating.
However, I am not convinced that magic is magic or if it is just the power of the human mind fooling itself or bending reality to meet our needs. 

Regardless of my skepticism, I keep an open mind and I allow myself to find the wonder in it. To me it is very similar to how I approach reading books. I know that the Stephen King books or the Dragonlance  series is not real. But I allow myself to suspend that disbelief long enough to become a part of a world that is unlike the one we live in.

It is the same suspension of disbelief we go through when we go to the local multiplex and shell out $15 to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster. You know it isn't real (even when it's inspired by true events) but you get scared, laugh and cry when the characters are impacted.

If you have ever cried during a movie or kept the light on after reading a scary book, then I invite you to do the same with magic. For just a brief time, allow yourself to believe that the trees can talk, shadowbeasts are waiting beneath the trees in the dark pool of no-light or that something really does live in your closet.... Your world will become more entertaining and you can share the joy of it with others.

Until next time.... READ!

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