Saturday, June 11, 2011

Time Flies. And is prayer related to magic?

I cannot believe so many days have come and gone since my last post! Not that there is ever a good excuse but I'll try. :)

Since my last post I have traveled halfway across the US and back.  Made major strides in starting a non-profit.Implemented a new VOIP system at the office and wrote a short story. In addition to these things there is always the daily stuff that most of us deal with in the developed world.

During this time I saw a program about rituals and ceremonies conducted by primitive tribes around the world. A friend of mine happened to see the same program. He was remarking how crazy some of their beliefs were in these primitive societies. I let him say his piece and then I asked a question that led us t o a great discussion.

I asked, "How is their prayers to their gods and drinking the fermented juices different from our own Christian religion or magic rituals from stories and history? Besides, don't we pray and use wine to mark the importance of certain Christian rituals?"

He said it was different because we were praying to God. I told him to take the right and wrong, the monotheistic and the polytheistic views out of the discussion. How is any religion or ritual different from another when you strip away the cultural influences and labels? Eventually, we were able to remove our own biases and get to the core. 

a great point my friend brought up was all the posts on Facebook. We see many asking for prayers for one thing or another. Could this just be our modern version of sending messengers to nearby villages and asking for a concentrated effort to get the attention of God?

I feel that magic and rituals still play a huge role in our lives. I'm not advocating for one religion or another. I'm not saying one is right and others are wrong. This really isn't about religion. This is about magic. So the next time  your child or friend asks if you believe in magic, counter it with your own question... Ask them what they think magic is. You might be surprised what happens when you do this.

Until next time.... READ!

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