Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is Intuition Magic?

I have been trying to reach a friend for almost a month. He is very dear and close to our family. So much so, that our kids call him "Uncle". He was Best Man at my wedding and a fellow veteran. It is not uncommon for him to go for extended periods of not returning calls and dropping off the grid for a couple weeks.
However, I flew into Texas for a quick visit and he never returned a call or sent a text. I was slightly worried but figured he was busy with work or was using a new beta phone and testing it for the company he worked for. Regardless, I was not too worried. Then a month passes and still no response to multiple messages. I actually started to fear he had died or was in the hospital (take a breath... he is alive.).

This past weekend I expressed my concern to my wife. She promptly called and left a message telling him to call or text or email because we were about to fly out to Texas and kick his ass. Thankfully, he sent an email the next day. As I suspected, he had been very busy with work and had not come up for air for several weeks. Then on Friday, they were told people would be getting fired. Monday he shows up and he finds he is canned. As many of us know, this is some of the worst news a person can hear. Especially when all we hear is that millions of unemployed people continue to search for something... anything.

We told him we were flying him out here to California so he could get some perspective. He agreed immediately. This is not his normal M.O. He usually resists or argues about such things. He didn't even blink before agreeing. This indicated that he was not in a good place.
He is on a plane right now and should be here within an hour and a half. I will pick him up at the airport and take him home to our house. While here we will help him with his resume and job hunting both here and back in Texas. You never know where the wind will blow.

So this whole event has me thinking about intuition. Could it be a type of magic? How many times have you heard a story or have personally witnessed an instance where intuition played an important part? I can think of dozens. Most likely, you can too. Is there some sort of ether into which we tap subconsciously? Could it be that an animalistic, ancient part of our brain knows something is happening within our world or our "herd" and we respond to it?

I think there may be something to this. I think that intuition might be a primal form of magic that works on its own much like the beating of our heart or breathing. With much practice we can learn to control our heart rate and with almost no practice we can control our breathing. Maybe we can do the same thing with our intuition. I guess the key would be figuring out which muscle to flex in order to control it. 
Maybe I should work on that.

Until next time.... READ!

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