Thursday, June 2, 2011

I love my dreams.... most of the time.

I love dreams and I love talking to people about their dreams. I think dreams can reveal many things about our lives. I know I'm not alone in this area and I am certainly not an expert on the subject but I can still talk about it. Right?

If you are still reading then I guess I have your permission to continue.

Most of the time, I dream in movie format. There is a story and I am either the main character and see everything  as if from my own eyes and I see what is happening around me as a full on participant. Other times, I am like a floating camera above the scene and following whoever it is I happen to be in that specific dream. Sometimes I am myself and other times I have no idea who I am. These dreams are typically sweeping in their scope.

I have had dreams that worked like a serial. One night I am dropped into the action and then I continue to dream a continuing story each night. It is a complete story that I get to experience. I have awakened from these intense dreams crying, scared or completely paralyzed. The serial dreams are rarely pleasant but always amazing. In case I haven't mentioned it before... I LOVE being scared beyond  what any reasonable thought should allow.

I also have short bursts of dreams that make no sense at all at the time I awake. Then a week, month or even years later, I will experience a portion of the dream in the waking world. It is an intense feeling of déjà vu. I know the full dream won't happen because the burst typically ends in an improbable event like a group of masked invaders busting through the door and gunning down everybody except me.

A person who is close to me always dreams of tornadoes or being trapped in elevators when they have stressful events in their life.
I have a friend who dreams only in black and white and never about themselves. He says it is just normal stuff like going to work or having a picnic. He has pondered if he is seeing the life of another person somewhere else in the world.

I use dreams to fuel my writing too. I can usually get at a minimum an idea for a story or a book. I love the feeling of waking up and knowing I have a new nugget to add to the growing file of ideas.

What about you? Do you have significant dreams? 
Do you dream in color or black and white? 
Do you have repeating themes or exact dreams? 
Is you subconscious mind trying to tell you something?
Have you ever had a dream analysis performed?

Until next time.... READ (and dream a little dream)

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