Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

I am sitting in my bed with my youngest child and my wife. We are watching a cartoon about fairies and enjoying the comfort of family. Our two older children are downstairs asleep and will soon rise to add their personalities to the mix before our day really starts.

Today we considered a couple of festivals... One is about music and the other is about pirates. I think we are more of a pirate family than a jazz family. Perhaps we will make it and perhaps we won't. That's what's great about weekends! We can make plans but there's no harm in changing them.

It is the way my youngest leans against me and reaches out to hold my hand or asks if cows can talk that reminds me that the world is filled with wonder and magic. To him, all things are possible and the only thing that is needed is the belief that it can happen.

Our older children are teenagers and they don't see the magic in the world very often these days. But I smile when we are all on a walk and they recite the stories to their younger sibling about the trolls and goblins in the storm drains, the bog monsters that live in the muck and mud where the dark ground is low and wet. They may not believe these things are real but they still have fun imagining them and hopefully always will.

In my book, The Rise of Magic, there is a scene where Minerva describes her last normal day. It is the last day she recalls our world before things tilted into the direction of magic. It was hard to write because it involves the loss of a child. It was written from my heart as I put myself in her position and thought what I would do if something like that happened to me.
If you would like to read it just go here Minerva's Last Normal Day. It is just a small part of the chapter where she has been recruited by the dwarfs to ride a locomotive into New York City and fight the elves.

On this Father's Day, remember the times that have made you smile. Hug your children or, if you are the wife or child, hug the dad! I hope each of you find magic this weekend. If you find something, post it here on the site and share with the other people who are reading.

Until next time.... READ!

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