Monday, June 27, 2011

Back to nature

Today I spent a few hours in Muir Woods with my kids and a family friend. It was great to wander through the forest and see the giant trees and to touch the rough bark and attempt to sense the history they have witnessed through the ages.

As we came to the end of the pavement, where most of the tourists turn around and go back, I asked if we wanted to continue forward down the less traveled trails. Everybody save my youngest was excited by the prospect. His legs were "hurting" and he wanted to turn back.

He looked up at me and had some pseudo-tears in his eyes. He pleaded to stop because his legs were so super tired. I knelt down on one knee and took his hands in mine. I looked around in a conspiratorial manner and I leaned forward. I motioned for him to lean in closer. He looked around, suddenly engaged in our secret.

I said, "I have a secret but it is for only you. Can I trust you?"
He nodded his head slowly and looked around again.
"There is something we can do that will make magic and you won't be so tired and your legs will stop hurting. Do you want to do it?"
"Is it real magic or are you pretending?"
"I guess we won't know unless we try. Do you want to try it and see if it works?"
"OK but if it doesn't we have to turn around."
"Well we have to walk into the deep, velvet green forest before I can do the magic. The trees will help us."

This gave him enough energy to go on a few minutes longer. The next time he told me his legs hurt I worked the magic.

"Here, put this tine pine cone in your pocket and hold my hand."
He did it and I squeezed his hand gently three times.
"Do you feel the magic making energy pump into your legs?"
He smiled and said he thought he did.
He took off running to catch up with his sisters. The next time he was getting tired he came to get a few squeezes on his hand and he had more energy... magically! By the end of our trek he was holding my hand every moment and needed a few pumps ever hundred yards or so. But he never asked to be carried. He made the hike of about three miles.

So magic is real. I think this proves it beyond any doubt. Is it real magic? I don't know. If it worked and there was no true explanation other than it was real in his mind, is it real magic or is it a trick? I guess that will be left up to you.

Until next time.... READ!

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