Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When The Wind Isn't In Your Sails...

And now I will demonstrate how not to start a blog entry or tweet...

Yeah that's right - I said "Blah." 
That is how I feel when my wife is traveling for longer than a three or four days. And I think many of us have that one thing that just takes the wind out of our sails. For me, it is missing my wife. For some people it might be not having the right music or things going badly at work or any number of occurrences that just knock us down a few pegs.
Don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying I cannot write unless my wife is near. But when she is gone, it does take me a few days to recover that intrinsic motivation to move a WIP forward. I suspect it's like that for many of us.

So what do you do when you lose that thing that helps motivate you? For me, I just slog through the first few days with the knowledge that it will soon pass. I know that if I just tread water long enough, all will be well. 
I have tried a few things and have met with marginal success with each variation. I have set writing goals for while she is gone. Forced myself to write in cold blood. Had my laptop on the nightstand and write until the dark hours of morning. Kept it there to write as soon as I wake-up. Plied myself with beer or wine (not over indulgence but a couple to get the juices flowing.)
At best, as I said, none of these really worked. So what do you do?
The current approach is to make myself blog. For those of you who may read this daily, you will note that I failed to post yesterday. And that was directly related to the absence of my Love. So I am blogging today in an effort to be prepared to write tonight. I cannot write today because I have a day job and I am being a "single-parent" for now. Those things interfere with the writing thing.

I would be interested in knowing what any of you do to find the inspiration or the urge to write when there is no (I mean absolutely zero or negative even) motivation to sit in front of the keyboard.

Until next time... WRITE!
(I need to heed my own advice.)

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