Sunday, May 1, 2011

Twitter and Blogs = Karma?

"Have you even gotten a book published? Why are you telling everybody how to do it then?" This question was posed to me and I was surprised by it. So I decided to share my response here.

I am not the most experienced person you will find on here... Not by a very long shot! I am fairly new to blogging. I have only been tweeting for about six months and I am not even published. So why should I share my view on things? Who am I to dole out advice?

I am somebody who cares about others. I don't insist my way is right or the best. I tend to link to others who have provided information or people who have helped me. I like to find articles, blogs or people who are open, communicative and just nice. I find something that is useful and I will send it out on Twitter or I post something about it on Facebook so that others might benefit from something I have found. 

If you go back and read my blog, you will see that it is mostly written from the perspective of, "This is how I do it and here's how others do it too". I chose this method because everybody is wired-up differently. Not one method is the silver bullet or magic formula for every writer. I encourage people to try many things and see what works.

What does any of this have to do with karma? Easy. Take a look through those you follow on here, Facebook or Twitter. You will see the people who are negative, nasty or unhelpful have drawn support reflecting the same attitude. Many times you will see very little support or interaction at all. Now search for those providing honest help and a positive atmosphere. In general, you will see the people they have attracted reflect the same qualities. It is not a one-to-one ratio but fairly close.

My observation is you get out what you put in. In line with this theory, I have provided links to those who I find to be helpful, knowledgeable, fun, interesting or just plain nice. If you don't like what I say on my blog then click over to some of them and see if it is a better match. If you use any of these tools, remember - You get out what you put in.

Preditors and Editors - Go here to check out the agent or publishing house that need to represent you.
Writer's Digest - Great information about nearly anything related to writing and publishing
WordBitches - A collection of ladies with a combination of humor and advice. You can get to their Twitter accounts from here also.
Jane Kindred - Nice lady who has written some unique books and is helpful even when she doesn't know it.
Bill Henderson - Wealth of advice and information from a writing coach. And it's free for the taking.
S.J. Wist - Interesting blogger, book reviewer and writer. You could do worse than spending some time going through the sites and pages offered.
Diane Holmes/Pitch University - I knew there was more to writing than just words but here is where you learn about it.
Ellen Meister - Author and great lady. Has open honest exchanges and helps in ways she doesn't even know about.
Bart Cleveland - Tells you the hard truth in tactful ways. He made me realize I was querying when I should have been re-writing.

There are more but these are some that come to mind right away. I have learned something from every person or organization above. I am thankful they have either taken the time to provide it or had the foresight to include it in their every day operations.

Until next time... WRITE!

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