Friday, May 6, 2011

Have You Set your Goal?

People set goals all the time. But most of the goals are forgotten shortly after the commitment is made. Did you know that setting goals in writing are treated very much the same way?
It's kind of funny if you think about the old adage that writing down your goal and reviewing it daily makes you many more times likely to accomplish that goal.

Why is it funny? BECAUSE! You're supposed to write down your goal for your writing. So how many of us have actually written the goal of "I will write 1,000 words a day." or "I will complete the first draft by December 1, 2011." The goal is to write and very few of us have ever taken the time to write those couple of sentences and then review it to hold ourselves accountable.

I challenge you to comment to the post and state what your writing goal is. Then come back and post a comment about how well you are adhering to it. OR tweet your goal and then send an update at the end of each day. Do whatever you can in order to build in some accountability.
I can hear the naysayers, "But if all I do is tweet my status as what my goal is and how I did or didn't do it, then people will stop following me." You are right. If that is ALL you do people will stop following you. But if people are interested in your craft, they will cheer you on. If they feel a kindred spirit with you, they just may cast stones in your direction if you don't reach your goal regularly or stop tweeting it. So what do you have to lose?

Do it. Report back and make your dreams come true.

Until next time... WRITE!

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