Friday, May 27, 2011

Finding the wonder in the every day world

When was the last time you daydreamed or imagined the unknown or fantastical?
I do this almost every day and I love it! I use it to connect with my six-year-old son. I used it to connect with my daughters when they were younger (teenagers have very little use for goblins and dragons). I daydream while on break or listening to music in the car.

I drive across the San Mateo Bridge almost every day and I sometimes look across the Bay and see SF and Oakland. I like to imagine the Bay all dried up and the bridges falling into the cracked earth below. I see the fog as smoke engulfing the smoldering cities that have artifacts now misunderstood by the people who inhabit a once great land. I see wars playing between the two cities where primitive catapults are used to lob boulders and bodies at feared enemies. The land about me holds mystery and feels to be a thin slice of reality apart from the world I live in.

I enjoy exercising my mental muscles and seeing the world from a different perspective. Believe it or not, this helps me in my management position. On a regular basis I bring the impossible into reality within my mind. So it is easy for me to step back from a technical, personnel or business issue and see it from multiple perspectives. My coworkers tell me I am the most imaginative and insightful person they have ever worked with.
They tell me this because I can use my well-exercised imagination for devising new ways of solving a problem or I can get others on board with a solution they may not understand or agree with. This is possible because I can also see the goblins and trolls in the storm drains.

Next time you are alone or with a child (perhaps a trusted friend?) Start a conversation about the spirits that live in the trees. Tell one another outlandish stories about things you have done. My son and I have created a whole world about Wallybob, a bubble breathing dragon that teaches a young boy (who happens to be the same age as my son) about right from wrong. They go to worlds and save people and sometimes they save monsters too. It is a great way to connect with others as well as with your own creativity.

Take time to not only smell the roses but to also see the fangs on the stem that are waiting to drink the essence of your soul as they pierce your skin.

Until next time.... READ!

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