Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Earth and Magick

The people on Earth in THE RISE OF MAGICK forbid the use of technology. I came about this after seeing a history program dealing with the Amish. I had a thought of what would happen to our modern world if technology was first feared, then shunned eventually vilified and the end result was forbidden. What could happen that would cause our technology-lusting society to abandon all forms of modern advances? I wasn't sure of the trigger but I decided it would be a place far different than where we live now.

The next question was what would replace technology. Initially, manual labor filled the void. However, only a couple decades after our world began its descent back to the Dark Ages and beyond, something happened. Somehow, the elves and dwarfs started appearing in our world. Rumors of monsters in the forests, dragons in the skies, demons in the caves and goblins in the abandoned sewers became commonplace. Rumors led to sightings. This is about the time THE RISE OF MAGICK begins.

There is a newly discovered material found in various places. It is thick and golden and oozes like crude oil from seams in rocks and gathers in deep hidey holes and caverns. and just as with technology and oil, this new viscous material is found to be useful. Some very few people have learned that it allows for magic to work. Not illusions like we see in Vegas but actual fireball and sleeping spell magic! Unfortunately, nobody has mastered it yet. But a few insightful individuals see the potential. As the humans are learning how to use this new material, the elves and dwarfs realize their old spells are misfiring or failing completely. They too must learn the ways of this new type of magic.

The name of this new material is Magick.The very rare and small deposits that have been found are hoarded by the finders. There are occasional squabbles and some minor conflict but nobody wants to push too hard yet. The world is resetting in many ways and the introduction of new creatures and beings is just the beginning.

One other issue I should tell you about is that some people like Tarver, they want to restore technology. They are a few select people old enough to remember our world and still young enough to do something about it.

Next blog will be more about Tarver and what he remembers...

Until next time.... READ!

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