Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dreaming and Reality

Have you ever dreamed something so concrete, so real that even upon awakening you aren't sure if it actually happened? I've had more dreams like that than I care to recount. Many of them are terrifying and some are tragic. I have rarely had a pleasant dream with such impact.

It is dreams that have fueled many of my stories. It was a dream that helped me to complete THE RISE OF MAGICK. I was stuck for months and months. One morning, after a wild night of dreaming, I realized the dream held the stepping stones that allowed me to reach the other side of the vast river my story had become.

Dreams are, in many stories, related to magic. There are prophets, doom-sayers and many others who have used dreams to guide them and lead others. I have heard stories from people relating a dream they used to make important decisions and how great the result was. 

Could dreams cross the boundary into reality?

If dreams guide leaders, provide comfort, foretell the future and keep us sane, could they be a portal into our reality or vice versa? How often have you dreamed and used the knowledge to make a decision. Have you ever had the juxtaposition created when your life replays a chunk of a dream you had years before? 

I think dreams come in different varieties.
These are:

  • Dreams to reduce our stress
  • Dreams to warn of coming events
  • Dreams to aid us in problem solving
  • Dreams that are pure nonsense
  • Dreams of what may one day be
I'm sure those are not the only varieties but I suspect they are the most common.

This posting is filled with more questions than answers. I would like to know what others think.
What do you think?

Until next time.... READ!  

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