Thursday, May 19, 2011

Could It Be Real...

My last post promised a few words about Tarver. 
Here you go: He is the protagonist in my completed book THE RISE OF MAGICK. You can go to my Facebook page and read some samples in the Notes section if you would like.
So there are my few words.... Now on to my topic for today.

Could magic be real? We have stories from nearly every civilization that deal with wizards, shamans, sorcerers and other magic wielding individuals. Could this indicate that magic has existed at some time in the past? Have we, as a species, forgotten how to tap into the source or magic?

Let's take a quick look at some magic references from history. Some will be religious references but can be called nothing short of magic. Please spare me the rhetoric that it was a miracle and not magic. They are the same thing by a different name.
Jesus Christ healed the sick. Walked on water and spoke to spirits. There are many other things but I think you get the picture.
Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion, had a bag of magic rocks that he used to guide his people to the lends they settled.
Hindu and Buddhism both have stories about monsters, spirits and magic.  
Native Americans are steeped in magic.

The examples above are limited in details. This is done in hopes that you will take a moment and look it up for yourself.  The point is, many storied from history involve magic. Most of what we have above are related to religions. What of it? It seems that religion has many rituals. Isn't "rituals" the same word used for performing spells in the Wiccan religion?

Could magic be real? Could it be just a step beyond our current understanding? Why? Has fact and science replaced magic? Have we become separated from our roots - our genesis?

That is one of the areas I explore in the RISE OF MAGICK. If all our modern conveniences disappeared, if we were handicapped in that way, would we revert to our concept of magic? Is that where we belong?

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