Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Biggest Lesson Thus Far

So I decided a few years ago to start writing. I figured that I had always loved telling stories and reading and pretending and drawing so writing would just be one of those things I could fit into that box of creativity. 

I sat down and started hammering out mass amounts of - BOREDOM. 

The stories were in my head. The character were in there and ready. I knew them by name and voice. I had conversations with them! I knew their entire life stories. I created worlds for them to occupy (Thank you AD&D for the hours invested when I was younger.) But none of this jumped to the page. I would get up before my family and stare at a blank page. 
I was too poor to own a computer at the time. I worked off an electric typewriter.
I did this for several weeks. Then gave up in disgust. I decided it wasn't for me and who needed to write anyway!

Funny thing was - I continued to write stories in my head and once in a while I would jot a note or two. I would call old friends and discuss these characters. I should have taken the hint when some of them stopped accepting my calls. Point is, I never stopped writing in my head. I just had a problem putting the words down.

So how did I go from that to completing novel-length manuscripts (OK 120,000+ words sometimes)?

Easy... I started writing.

I finally sat down in front of a computer (my finances had improved greatly over the years) and started writing. I set a schedule and stuck to it. I wrote whatever came to mind. I wrote what I dreamed the night before. I wrote poems and scenes and dialog. 

I wrote and wrote and wrote. For weeks and months I would get up at 4:00 AM ans sit in a chair and write. None of it was a coherent story. It had not defined point or objective. It was just me writing and proving to myself I could do it.

So that's how I got started writing. 

My Biggest Lesson Thus Far?
Writers must do one thing before any other.... 


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  1. U speak the truth, brotha!!!

    I get a little caught up in the time suck that is social networking (I just really enjoy it!!) and only have myself to blame if I don't get my words in that day. But I'm constantly emailing myself little ideas and notes. It's all up there gurgling.

    I guess I need to follow your example with BITCHOK -- Butt In The Chair Hands On Keyboard .
    I'll think I'll tweet that. ;)

    Kate Madison
    Coming Soon: Empty - A Post-Apocalyptic Romance for Young Adults (With Zombies)